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Walt Koenig's Lab


Welcome - Koenig Lab

Walter D. Koenig

Walt Koenig

Walter D. Koenig, Senior Scientist, Bird Population Studies, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University

Member of the graduate field in

Neurobiology and Behavior

My particular interests are in animal social behavior and in the behavioral ecology of oaks. If you're a potential Ph.D student, I am in the graduate field of Neurobiology and Behavior; however, be advised that I am no longer recruiting graduate students. See my "prospective graduate students" page for more details.

A brief presonal history

I came to Cornell in summer 2008 after many years as a Research Zoologist at UC Berkeley. For most of this time, I lived and worked at Hastings Natural History Reservation in upper Carmel Valley, California, where I still conduct long term research on the social behavior and ecology of acorn woodpeckers and patterns of acorn production in California oaks. In the past, I have also studied the population ecology of tiger salamanders and dragonflies and had students who have studied yellow-billed magpies, phainopeplas, wild turkeys, and African mongooses. At Cornell I teach Advanced Behavioral Ecology (BIONB4340) and in the introduction to Animal Behavior course (BIONB 2210), as well as a graduate seminar (Topics in Behavioral Ecology) in conjunction with Dr. Janis Dickinson.

Hastings Reserve

Hastings Reservation in upper Carmel Valley, California (Photo by David Gubernick)

Curiculum vita - click here for Walt's vita and publications

Publications - click here for a list of Walt's publications (pdf)


Acorn woodpeckers at Hastings Reservation. Photo by Ron Mumme

See for more images of Hastings Reservation

Contact Information

Walter D. Koenig

Bird Population Studies
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
159 Sapsucker Woods Rd,
Ithaca, NY 14850
Office: 607 - 254-2151

My office in Mudd Hall: W307

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Dale & Phoebe

Phoebe and Dale Koenig studying birds at Hastings Reservation in 1994. Dale's currently getting his Ph.D. in math at UC Davis, while Phoebe just graduated from Cornell with a degree in Entomology. Neither has changed a bit.

Libe Cafe

Blue oaks with mistletoe at Hastings Reservaton in central coastal California. Photo by J. L. Dickinson