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Neurobiology and Behavior

Seminar series   •   Fall 2016
(all seminars are Thursdays at 12:30 pm in the Morison Room (A106) of Corson/Mudd Halls unless otherwise noted)

Aug. 25 Roy Ritzmann, Case Western Reserve University - Host: Ron Hoy; Insect Brain Systems and Their Role in Context Dependent Behavior
Sept. 1 Sergiy Libert, Cornell University, Department of Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology - Host: David Deitcher; Therapeutic suppression of SIRT6 protects from Parkinson's disease
Sept. 8 Bruce Carlson, Washington University in St. Louis - Hosts: Andrew Bass and Carl Hopkins; Linking evolutionary change in sensory perception to its cellular and network substrates in weakly electric fish
Sept. 15 Fenghua Hu, Cornell University, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Host: David Deitcher; Lysosomal trafficking and function of progranulin, a guardian against neurodegeneration

Sept. 22 Lauren O'Connell, Harvard University - Host: Kerry Shaw; Chemical and Cognitive Ecology in Poison Frogs
Sept. 29 Brain Symposium 2016 - Neurotech- Hosts: Joe Fetcho and Chris Xu (G10 Biotechnogy Building 10:00AM)
Oct. 6 Gordon Berman, Emory University - Host: Nilay Yapici; Mapping the structure of animal behavior

Oct. 13 Adriaan Dokter, Cornell University - Host: David Deitcher; TBD
Oct. 20 David Stern, HHMI Janelia Research Campus - Hosted by: Joe Fetcho; TBD
Oct. 27 Andrew Leifer, Princeton University - Host: Graduate Students; Whole-brain neural dynamics and behavior in a freely moving worm
Nov. 3 Linda Wilbrecht, University of California Berkeley - Host: Melissa Warden; TBD
Nov. 10 Jessica MacDonald, Syracuse University - Host: David Deitcher; The Intersection of Epigenetics and Environmental Factors in Neocortical Development and Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Nov. 17 Oliver Scott Curry, University of Oxford - Host: Kern Reeve;Morality as Cooperation: How evolution explains ethics

Dec. 1 Douglas Portman, University of Rochester - Host: David Deitcher; TBD


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