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Neurobiology and Behavior

Seminar series   •   Fall 2014
(all seminars are Thursdays at 12:30 pm in the Morison Room (A106) of Corson/Mudd Halls unless otherwise noted)

Aug. 29 (Fri.)  Nicola Clayton – Host: Seeley (NBB) & Goldstein (Psych) (2PM in G10 Biotech)
Ways of Thinking: From Crows to Children and Back Again

Sept. 4           Naomi Pierce – Host: Seeley (Big Bio Seminar, G10 Biotechnology)
The Herbivore’s Dilemma: Never Enough Nitrogen   

Sept. 11          Gwyneth Card – Host: Goldberg
Mechanisms for action selection in Drosophila  

Sept. 18         Mala Murthy – Host: Bass
Acoustic Communication in Drosophila: From Sensation to Behavior

Sept. 25         Bret Pasch – Host: Webster
From Genes to Communities: The Integrative Biology of Acoustic Communication in Vocal Rodents

Oct. 2             Joan Strassmann – Host: NBB Graduate Students
Guns and Butter in Microbial Social Interactions

Oct. 9             No Seminar This Week

Oct. 16           No Seminar This Week

Oct. 23           Michael Sheehan – Host: Reeve
Ecology causes and the phenotypic and genomic consequences of social behvior: Insights from wasps, mice and humans

Oct. 28 (Tues.) Mark Laidre – Host: Reeve (12:00 Noon)
Social complexity, conflict, and the evolution of communication and cognition

Nov. 3 (Mon.) Patricia Brennan – Host: Vitousek (3:00PM, W358 Mudd Hall)
Time to step up! Defending basic science and our science


Nov. 4 (Tues.) Cassie Stoddard – Host: Reeve (12:00 Noon)
Vision, Recognition and Adaptive Coloration in the Animal World: Sensory and Cognitive Perspectives

Nov. 6             Cori Bargmann – Host: Fetcho (Big Bio Seminar, G10 Biotechnology)
Genes and circuits for innate behaviors: a salute to neuroethology

Nov. 11(Tues.)Daizaburo Shizuka – Host: Reeve (12:00 Noon)
Insights into evolution through studies of learning & recognition in the wild

Nov. 13           Alison Pischedda – Host: Reeve
How important is sexual selection before mating compared to after mating?  Insights from the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster

Nov. 20           Anastasia Dalziell – Host: Webster
The marvelous display of the superb lyrebird

Nov. 27           No Seminar – Thanksgiving

Dec. 4             Okihide Hikosaka – Host: Warden
Basal ganglia mechanisms for automatic and voluntary choice of good objects



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