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Neurobiology and Behavior

Seminar series   •   Spring 2016
(all seminars are Thursdays at 12:30 pm in the Morison Room (A106) of Corson/Mudd Halls unless otherwise noted)

Jan. 28 Benjamin Grewe, Stanford University - Host: Joseph Fetcho; Neural ensemble dynamics underlying a long-term associative fear memory    
Feb. 4 Andrew Miri, Columbia University - Host: Joseph Fetcho; Neuronal firing dynamics for motor control    
Feb. 11 Andrew Gordus, The Rockefeller University - Host: Joseph Fetcho; The Influence of Dynamic Neuronal States on Perception    
Feb. 18 Hiroyuki Kato, University of California, San Diego - Host: Joseph Fetcho; Dynamic sensory representations in auditory cortex    

Feb. 25 Nilay Yapici, The Rockefeller University - Host: Joseph Fetcho; Genes, Neurons, and Circuits that Control Food Intake Decisions    
Mar. 3 Marlene Zuk, University of Minnesota - Host: David Peck (Graduate Student invited speaker); Rapid evolution in silence: adaptive signal loss in the Pacific field cricket    
Mar. 10 Russell Ligon, Cornell University - Host: Mike Webster; Complex color change communication in chameleons

Mar. 14 Martin Blaser, NYU Langone Medical Center - Hosted by: EEB and MBG - Jeremy Searle and Ruth Ley; While our babies are sleeping, their microbes are working (Monday 3:30; G10 Biotech) BIOLOGY WITHOUT BORDERS
Mar. 17 NO SEMINAR    
Mar. 23 Esther Niemasik, Defense Seminar - Host: Janis Dickinson; Interspecific competition and cooperation in Brown-headed nuthatches (Sitta pusilla) Wednesday 12:30  
Mar. 24 Gordon Shepherd, Northwestern University - Host: Jesse Goldberg; Circuit organization of mouse motor cortex    
Mar. 31 SPRING BREAK    
Apr. 7 Jason Gallant, Michigan State - Host: David Deitcher;Genomic insights into the (repeated) evolution of electric organs in fishes    
Apr. 14 Sheena Josselyn, University of Toronto - Host: Melissa Warden; Making, Breaking and Linking Memories

Apr. 21 Andrew Bourke, University of East Anglia - Host: Kern Reeve; Social conflicts in insect societies    
Apr. 26 Frans de Waal, Emory University - Hosted by: Natural Resources and NBB - Bernd Blossey and Tom Seeley; Are we smart enough to know how smart animals are? (Tuesday 3:30; G10 Biotech)
Apr. 28 Carlos Brody, Princeton University - Host: David Peck (Graduate Student invited speaker); TBD    
May 5 Honors Poster Session    
May 31 Kristin Hook; Defense (Tuesday 1:00; Morison Room)  


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