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Neurobiology and Behavior

Seminar series   •   Fall 2016
(all seminars are Thursdays at 12:30 pm in the Morison Room (A106) of Corson/Mudd Halls unless otherwise noted)

Aug. 25 Roy Ritzmann, Case Western Reserve University - Host: Ron Hoy; Insect Brain Systems and Their Role in Context Dependent Behavior
Sept. 1 Sergiy Libert, Cornell University, Department of Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology - Host: David Deitcher; Therapeutic suppression of SIRT6 protects from Parkinson's disease
Sept. 8 Bruce Carlson, Washington University in St. Louis - Hosts: Andrew Bass and Carl Hopkins; Linking evolutionary change in sensory perception to its cellular and network substrates in weakly electric fish
Sept. 15 Fenghua Hu, Cornell University, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Host: David Deitcher; Lysosomal trafficking and function of progranulin, a guardian against neurodegeneration

Sept. 22 Lauren O'Connell, Harvard University - Host: Kerry Shaw; Chemical and Cognitive Ecology in Poison Frogs
Sept. 29 Brain Symposium 2016 - Neurotech- Hosts: Joe Fetcho and Chris Xu (G10 Biotechnogy Building 10:00AM)

Learn about the brain at the Inaugural Cornell Neurotech Mong Family Foundation Symposium featuring three alumni winners of the 2015 Brain Prize.

Brain prize winners, Winfried Denk, Ph.D. ’89, Karel Svoboda ’88, and David Tank, M.S. ’80, Ph.D. ’83, as well as award-winning Cornell faculty will share how they are exploring the brain using the most modern, innovative technologies.

Oct. 6 Gordon Berman, Emory University - Host: Nilay Yapici; Mapping the structure of animal behavior

Oct. 13 Adriaan Dokter, Cornell University - Host: David Deitcher; Brent Geese fuelling for long-distance migration: effects of individual habitat choice on fatness and fitness
Oct. 20 David Stern, HHMI Janelia Research Campus - Hosted by: Joe Fetcho; The genetic causes fo the evolution of Drosophila courtship song
Oct. 27 Andrew Leifer, Princeton University - Host: Graduate Students; Whole-brain neural dynamics and behavior in a freely moving worm
Nov. 3 Linda Wilbrecht, University of California Berkeley - Host: Melissa Warden; Sculpting the frontal cortex: The brain's topiary arts
Nov. 10 Jessica MacDonald, Syracuse University - Host: David Deitcher; The Intersection of Epigenetics and Environmental Factors in Neocortical Development and Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Nov. 17 Oliver Scott Curry, University of Oxford - Host: Kern Reeve; Morality as Cooperation: How evolution explains ethics

Dec. 1 Douglas Portman, University of Rochester - Host: David Deitcher; Sexual Modulation of Neural Cicrcuits and Behavior in C. elegans


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