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Neurobiology and Behavior

Seminar series   •   Spring 2017
(all seminars are Thursdays at 12:30 pm in the Morison Room (A106) of Corson/Mudd Halls unless otherwise noted)

Jan. 26 Tom Schwarz, Harvard University - Host: David Deitcher; Moving and Removing Mitochondria in Neurons and Mitotic Clells
Feb. 2 Gaby Maimon, The Rockefeller University - Host: Jesse Goldberg; The neurophysiology of spatial navigaton in Drosophila
Feb. 9 Thomas Seeley, Cornell University;Following the wild bees: looking to nature to solve the health problems of honey bees
Feb. 16 Aimee Dunlap, University of Missouri, St. Louis - Host: Mike Sheehan;Reliability and Certainty in the Evolution of Animal Information Use: Experiments with Flies and Bumblebees

Feb. 23 Daniel Kronauer, The Rockefeller University - Host: Graduate Students, Perry Gilbert Lecturer; Communicaton & Differentiation in Ant Societies
Mar. 2 Garret Stuber, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill- Host: Graduate Students, Dissecting the Neural Circuits that Mediate Motivated Behavior
Mar. 9 CANCELED - Barry Dickson, Janelia Farms - Host: Nilay Yapici; The Neurobiology of Drosophila Reproductive Behavior

Mar. 16 CANCELED - Edwin Levitan, University of Pittsburgh - Host: David Deitcher; Organelle Distribution and Redox Communication in Monoaminergic Neurons
Mar. 23 Gavin Leighton, Cornell University - Host: Mike Webster; Investigating Causes and Consequences of Major Evolutionary Transitions
Mar. 30 Christina Riehl, Princeton University - Host: Graduate Students; Cheaters and collaborators: the evolution of cooperative breeding in the Greater Ani
Apr. 13 Michael Krashes, NIH - Host: Nilay Yapici; Hunger-driven motivational state competition
Apr. 20 Walter Tschinkel, Florida State University - Host: Tom Seeley; Ant nest architecture: the mystery underfoot
Apr. 27 Amy Toth, Iowa State University - Host: Mike Sheehan; Climbing the social ladder: Genomic insights into social evolution form bees and wasps

May 4 Honors Poster Session
May 11 Barry Dickson, Janelia Farms - Host: Nilay Yapici; The Neurobiology of Drosophila Reproductive Behavior


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