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Neurobiology and Behavior

Seminar series   •   Spring 2015
(all seminars are Thursdays at 12:30 pm in the Morison Room (A106) of Corson/Mudd Halls unless otherwise noted)

Jan. 20        Maren Vitousek – Host: Raguso (Tues.)
Stress and success: the function and evolution of behavioral mechanisms


Jan. 22        Maiken Nedergaard – Host: Cosgrove, BME (4:15PM in G10 Biotech)
The nightlife of astrocytes

Jan. 29        Patty Jones – Host: Agrawal
Foraging Decisions in Eavesdropping Bats

Feb. 5        Kerry Shaw – Host: David Deitcher
Genetics and behavior of a non-adaptive species radiation

Feb. 12      Nicholas Betley
From neuron to need: The neural circuitry and motivational properties of survival behaviors

Feb. 19      Yoh Isogai

Mates, Rivals, and Predators: Molecular Dissection of Social and Defensive Behaviors

Feb. 26      Eva Pastalkova

Hippocampal sequential firing and episodic memory

Mar. 5         Evan Feinberg
Maps of space and shape in the brain

Mar. 12       NO SEMINAR

Mar. 19       Julie Simpson – Host: Deitcher
Behavior and circuit analysis of motor sequence generation in fly grooming

Mar. 26       Ben Hayden – Host: Warden
Neural mechanisms of economic choice

Apr. 2          No Seminar - Spring Break

Apr. 7 Tues.Tom Daniel – Host: Goldberg

Multimodal sensor processing in insect flight control

Apr. 9          Karl DeisserothMessenger Lectures series (4:30-5:30PM in G10 Biotech)

Illuminating the Brain


Apr. 10        Karl DeisserothMessenger Lectures series (10:30AM in A305 Rosenblatt Room, Seeley G. Mudd Hall)

Optical Technologies for Neuroscience


Apr. 10        Karl DeisserothMessenger Lectures series (2:00PM in 226 Weill Hall)

Optical Investigation of Fully-Assembled Biological Systems


Apr. 16        Lainy Day – Host:  Webster

Neural, Muscular and Hormonal Adaptations for Complex Display in Manakins (Pipridae)


Apr. 21 Tues. Steve Palumbi – Big Bio Seminar - Host: Natural Resources - Matt Hare (3:30PM in G10 Biotech)

Evolution and acclimation in the face of climate change in the sea


Apr. 30        Ken Catania – Host:  Grad Students (Julie Miller)
The Shocking Predatory Strike of the Electric Eel

May 5 Tues. Honors Poster Session; 12:30 Atrium of Corson/Mudd Hall


May 28 12:30PM - Laura Manella; Defense Seminar - Setting the stage with stress: How stress and noradrenaline provide modulatory influence on olfactory bulb physiology and behavior


June 4 10:00AM - Kevin Loope; Defense Seminar - Matricide, multiple mating, and signal evolution in social wasps


June 5 Fri. 12:00PM - Jenélle Dowling; Defense Seminar - Vocal duetting and male mating strategy in a promiscuous bird



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