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Neurobiology and Behavior

Seminar series   •   Spring 2014

(All seminars are Thursdays at 12:30 pm in the Morison Room (A106) of Corson-Mudd unless otherwise noted)


Jan. 23             Sujata Rao – Host: Deitcher

Light before sight: A fetal light response pathway in mouse eye development


Jan. 30             Michael Platt – Host: NBB Graduate Students

Foraging Decisions as a Unifying Approach to Behavioral Ecology and Neuroscience



Feb. 6              Janis Dickinson – Host: Deitcher

Why kin selection is not dead: Evidence from a sort of cooperative breeder



Feb. 13            Chun Han – Host: Deitcher

Regulation of dendrite morphogenesis by the neuronal environment


Feb. 20           Joseph Tobias – Host: Webster

Species interactions and the evolution of animal signals



Feb. 27           Antonello Bonci – Host: McCobb

Optogenetic approaches to studying reward and substance abuse disorders



Mar. 6             Ian Ellwood – Host: Deitcher

A new perspective on dopaminergic tuning of behavioral flexibility



Mar. 11 (Tues) Daniel Baldassarre – Advisor: Webster  (Defense Seminar)

Sexual selection and speciation in the red-backed fairy-wren



Mar. 13           Lainy Day – Host: Webster

Neural, Muscular and Hormonal Adaptations for Complex Display in Manakins (Pipridae)



Mar. 20          No NBB Seminar – Supporting Big Bio Seminar


Mar. 27          Elena Gracheva – Host: Hopkins • • • RESCHEDULED • • •


Apr. 3            No Seminar – Spring Break


Apr. 10          Elena Gracheva – Host: Hopkins

Molecular adaptations to unique lifestyle in mammalian hibernators



Apr. 17          Ofer Tchernichovski – Host: Goldberg

Vocal learning in songbirds and human infants



Apr. 24          Ian Whishaw – Host: Goldberg

The synthesis of visually guided reaching from nonvisual action



May 1             Honors Poster Session


May 8             Jonathan Victor – Host: Hoy

How the statistics of the sensory environment shape cortical visual processing



May 12 (Mon) Elizabeth Tibbets – Host: Seeley

Wasps know each other’s faces: Communication, cooperation, and cognition in the Polistes



May 19 (Mon)  Alison Bell – Host: Seeley

Causes of consistent individual differences in behavior in sticklebacks



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