Kevin P. Oh, PhD: Publications

Oh, K. P. and K. L. Shaw. 2013. Multivariate sexual selection in a rapidly evolving speciation phenotype. Proceedings of the Royal Society B—Biological Sciences 280:20130482. PDF
Oh, K. P. and A. V. Badyaev. Single-locus effects and the heritability of heterozygosity in a passerine bird. In revision.
Oh, K. P., Conte, G. L., and K. L. Shaw. 2013. Founder effects and the evolution of asymmetrical sexual isolation in a rapidly-speciating clade. Current Zoology 59: 230-238. PDF
Oh, K. P., Fergus, D. J., Grace, J. L. and K. L. Shaw. 2012. Interspecific genetics of speciation phenotypes: song and preference coevolution in Hawaiian crickets. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25: 1500-1512. PDF
Shaw, K. L., Ellison, C. K., Oh, K. P. and C. Wiley. 2011. Pleiotropy, “sexy” traits and speciation. Behavioral Ecology 22: 1154-1155. PDF
Oh, K. P. 2011. Inclusive fitness of ‘kissing cousins’: new evidence of a role for kin selection in the evolution of extra-pair mating in birds. Molecular Ecology 20: 2657-2659. PDF
Oh, K. P. and A. V. Badyaev. 2010. Structure of social networks in a passerine bird: consequences for sexual selection and the evolution of mating strategies. American Naturalist 176: E80-E89. PDF

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       Our paper featured in a Current Biology Dispatch:
    McDonald, D. B. 2010. Behavioural ecology: social networking for dullards. Current Biology 20: R856-R857. PDF
Stein, L. R., Oh, K. P. and A. V. Badyaev. 2010. Fitness consequences of male provisioning of incubating females in a desert passerine bird. Journal of Ornithology: 151: 227-234. PDF
Oh, K. P. and A. V. Badyaev. 2009. Isolation and characterization of 17 microsatellite loci for the house finch (Carpodacus mexicanus). Molecular Ecology Resources 9: 1029-1031. PDF
Badyaev, A. V., Young, R. L., Oh, K. P., and C. Addison. 2008. Evolution on a local scale: Developmental, functional, and genetic bases of divergence in bill form and associated changes in song structure between adjacent habitats. Evolution 62: 1951-1964. PDF
Oh, K. P. and A. V. Badyaev. 2008. Evolution of adaptation and mate choice: Parental relatedness affects expression of phenotypic variance in a natural population. Evolutionary Biology 35: 111-124. PDF
Badyaev, A. V., and K. P. Oh. 2007. Environmental induction and phenotypic retention of adaptive maternal effects. BMC Evolutionary Biology 8:3 doi:10.1186/1471-2148-8-3. PDF
Lindstedt, E., Oh, K. P., and A. V. Badyaev. 2007. Ecological, social, and genetic contingency of extrapair behavior in a socially monogamous bird. Journal of Avian Biology 38: 214-238. PDF
Oh, K. P. and A. V. Badyaev. 2006. Adaptive genetic complementarity in mate choice coexists with preference for elaborate sexual traits. Proceedings of the Royal Society B—Biological Sciences 273: 1913-1919. PDF
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Badyaev, A. V., Hamstra, T. L., Oh, K. P., and D. Acevedo Seaman. 2006. Sex-biased maternal effects reduce ectoparasite-induced mortality in a passerine bird. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States 103: 14406-14411. PDF
Badyaev, A. V., Oh, K. P., and R. Mui. 2006. Evolution of sex-biased maternal effects in birds: II. Contrasting sex-specific oocyte competition in native and recently established populations. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 19: 909-921. PDF
Articles in preparation
Oh, K. P. and K. L. Shaw. Heterogeneous multivariate sexual selection and intraspecific divergence of a speciation phenotype.
Oh, K. P. and K. L. Shaw. Parallel genomic architecture of sexually-isolating behavior in a rapidly speciating cricket clade.
Oh, K. P. 2009. Evolutionary dynamics of sexual traits: demographic, behavioral, and genetic contingencies. PhD dissertation, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. 
Oh, K. P. 2001. The influence of age and sex on territory size in Savannah sparrows (Passerculus sandwichensis). BA honors thesis, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME.