Welcome to the Webster Lab!

Exploring the ecology, evolution and mechanisms of animal reproductive behavior and sexual signals, and educating others about our natural world and its importance to our daily lives.

We study animal social behavior from an evolutionary perspective, particularly focusing on the processes and outcomes of sexual selection. Our work is integrative, in that we examine issues from both ultimate and proximate perspectives. This research combines intensive fieldwork with genetic, hormonal and other analyses in the lab, to unlock the secret lives of birds and other taxa.

We are part of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology as well as the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior.


Lab News

We are now looking for field research
assistants to help with our on-going
collaborative research studying warblers at the Hubbard Brook Research Forest in New Hampshire. For information, click here Cornell undergraduates are especially
encouraged to apply!

We are happy welcome two new graduate students to the lab, Becca Brunner and Joe Welklin. And also happy to announce that Anastasia Dalziell and Bret Pasch will soon be joining us as postdocs through the newly formed Lab of Ornithology postdoctoral program. Welcome to Ana, Becca, Bret and Joe!

Dan Baldassarre and Sara Kaiser each won a “best student paper” award at last Summers joint AOU/COS meeting. Congratulations to both Dan and Sara for excellent research, for excellent presentation style, and for representing us so well!

Dan Baldassarre recently published a very nice paper in Proc Roy Soc, and in fact it has received some great press coverage. Check out this article, or this one, or this one, or even this one!

Emma Greig’s recent paper on the evolution of type II songs in fairy-wrens has been selected as a “Featured Article” in the February issue of Animal Behaviour. Congrats to Emma, and check it out.




Banner photo by Graeme Chapman