Bill Weber

Senior Conservationist with the Wildlife Conservation Society and
Co-Founder of the Mountain Gorilla Project in Rwanda


Dr. Bill Weber has worked for 30 years in the field of international conservation. He lived in Africa for nine years and was co-founder of the highly successful Mountain Gorilla Project in Rwanda, where he continues to advise the national park service on several projects. His field experience ranges from central and eastern Africa to the Alaskan Arctic. He is a recognized expert in human aspects of conservation and a pioneer of the modern ecotourism movement.

Dr. Weber has authored dozens of articles on subjects ranging from community development to carnivore conservation and his work has been featured in multiple films in the US and Europe. His experiences in Rwanda are described in the book, In the Kingdom of Gorillas, which he wrote with his wife, Dr. Amy Vedder. Their book was featured by BBC Wildlife in 2003 as one of “the most influential books from the past 40 years of wildlife publishing” and selected as one of the “Best Science and Nature books” by National Public Radio and the Toronto Globe and Mail in 2001.

Dr. Weber is a Senior Conservationist with the Wildlife Conservation Society, currently writing a new book titled Gorillas to Grizzlies: Natural Reflections on Saving the Wild. He is co-author of In the Kingdom of Gorillas: Fragile Species in a Dangerous Land


In the Kingdom of Gorillas
Bill Weber and Amy Vedder

BBC Wildlife (April 2003): One of “the most influential books from the past 40 years of wildlife publishing”

NPR Science Friday (12/14/01): 2001 “Best Science book” pick

Toronto Globe and Mail: Top 5 “Science and Nature” _books 2001

“The pages of this book are filled with adventure and heroism, tragedy and joy.”
—Jane Goodall, author of In the Shadow of Man

“The best book ever written for those who want to understand not only the glory of Africa’s wildlife but also the setting for that glory. . . . Bill Weber and Amy Vedder are two remarkable human beings; the gorillas were lucky to find them, and you are, too.”
—Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature

“In the Kingdom of Gorillas is inspiring [and] quietly optimistic.”
—Natalie Angier, The New York Times

“A vivid portrait . . . a gripping read.”
—Steven Austed, Natural History

“Excellent ... a clear, moving account ... ultimately optimistic”
—Robert Sapolsky, author of A Primate’s Memoir

“The authors convey a clear and vivid affection for their research subjects and an abiding fascination with their behavior…entertaining reading.”
—The Washington Post Book World

“As a primer for the uncomfortable reality that lies ahead, every starry-eyed would-be conservationist should read this book... Its range is immense.”
—Times of London Literary Supplement

“A sane, compassionate book.”
—Daily Telegraph (UK)

“As a testament of suffering, survival and ultimately hope, this book is a fascinating read.”
—Geographical Magazine (UK)

“thrilling, sometimes heart-breaking ... a chilling reminder that humans, too, are a fragile species”
—Publishers Weekly

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