Katy Payne

Elephant Listening Project
Laboratory of Ornithology Cornell University
Phone:  607-254-2468
Email: kp17 @cornell.edu

Lecture summary:

What is the evidence of the peculiar and surprising communal lives of whales and elephants? What isthe scope and kinds of interactions that threaten their survival ? Because of their conspicuousness, whales and elephants open a window onto two of the earth's most vital habitats -- the oceans and the equatorial forests. People think of these animals as well-known -- they're called "charismatic megafauna," "flagship species," "keystone species," "endangered species" -- but the inaccessibility of their habitats results in their being only superficially understood.

To whom do the oceans / equatorial forests belong? To whom do protected areas and buffer zones between protected areas belong? To whom does environmental decision-making/collected taxes belong?

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