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Lunch Bunch

Research Design in the Study of Animal Social Behavior
Kern Reeve

A weekly discussion group for the evaluation of ongoing research projects - not necessarily finished products - in areas related to animal behavior.

Neurobiology and Behavior graduate students studying animal behavior are encouraged to sign up to present once every year, especially those students in their second year and beyond. Students, post-docs and faculty from any field are welcome to both present and attend.

Spring 2015

Tuesdays, 12:20-1:30 PM, W358 Mudd Hall
To schedule a date, contact (Saundra Anderson)

Possible Topic
January 27 Julie Miller Lessons learned from the job search - Q & A for grad students on how to be a successful applicant
February 3 Lizard Bergen

A negotiation perspective on female elicitation of greater courtship effort

February 10 Jay Falk Reviewing the hypotheses for female polymorphisms and their relation to hummingbirds
February 17 FEBRUARY BREAK No Meeting
February 24 Jenélle Dowling Mating effort allocation between two Red-backed fairy-wren male morphs that differ in attractiveness
March 3 Joe Welklin Neighborhood Bullies: The influence of social environment on androgens, sexual trait expression, and reproductive success
March 10 David Peck Continuing Study of the Behaviors Underlying Varroa Mite Transmission Between Honeybee Colonies
March 17 Ezen Choo Maternal food cravings during pregnancy and the programming of offspring taste perception before birth
March 24 Joel Tripp Hormonal mechanisms of vocal signaling in plainfin midshipman
March 31 SPRING BREAK No Meeting
April 7 Geoffrey Broadhead  
April 14 David McCobb Hot, cold, or comfy? From ion channels to behavior
April 21 Rebekah Villalta  
April 28 Derrick Thrasher Social complexities in the variegated fairy-wren: implications for female competition and reproductive strategies
May 5 Kristin Hook Pre-copulatory courtship in the seed beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus

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